Manage and optimise your public space assets with AI

Achieve operational excellence using photo libraries and Artificial Intelligence

Our mission is to provide organizations with a platform and data analysis capabilities to automate and make operations efficient.

CamenAI uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze photo material to assist with:

  • Detecting omissions of city property such as litter & street furniture

  • Determining the execution of legislation, such as precario tax

  • Providing proof that contracted activities have been executed accordingly

Object detection

CamenAI analytics can be used for insights only or integrated with internal systems, greatly optimizing operations  and costs

How it works

A wide selection of cameras, i.e. mobile phones, are positioned on vehicles, picturing the surroundings every X time or X distance. All the images taken are subsequently uploaded to the CamenAI platform, allowing various algorithms to scan for abnormalities and report those back to your organization.

Cost & operations based

Easily determine abnormalities of your municipal property such as litter, graffiti, road defects and street furniture

Business based

Help customers determine and implement applicable legislation, for example by measuring advertising and indexation in order to apply Precario Tax automatically

Evidence based

Provide proof to third parties that contracted activities have been executed accordingly

CamenAI, the next generation of city management 

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